Our Philosophy

We believe in conscious creativity and we try to create collections that are leading sustainability. During design, as an environmentally responsible brand, we chose our recycled fabrics from Italy. We realize that we can all improve ourselves for a better world in this path.Join our journey!


Our Process

Most of Maliluha products are made of recycled materials. This includes our paper packaging. All our fabric, ECONYL®️, are made of used fishing nets and all other used nylon wastes collected from our oceans.


Our Respect To Nature

We believe that all our choices have an impact and every impact creates waves of impacts. Every time you choose to buy a Maliluha swimwear made of recycled nylon wastes from the ocean, you are helping cleaning plastic waste from the oceans and the earth. You are decreasing your CO2 print and protecting world’s resources. Did you know that by buying Maliluha with ECONYL®️, comparing to regular swimwear, you are reducing by 80% your contribution to global warming. Thanks to you Maliluha Girls, we are proud of to take a small part in this change.